Standard User

Full access to build, use and share reports & dashboards.

Email User

Receive emails of report and dashboard updates from your organization's Standard Users.

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Monthly guaranteed access to Whole-view Expert Consultants for fixed hours per month. You decide the assistance level you need in hours. Change or cancel any month you decide.

Private Whole-View Environment (Simple)

Have your own simple private Whole-View Yellowfin Environment. Suitable for customers looking for a simple Whole-View solution that they can extend to their customers branded to your liking. Per-User charges not included.

Advanced Feature Support

Technical support for Advanced Whole-View features including: weekly content backup/restore; scheduling and broadcasting; use of Internet Web Connectors; Report Versioning for KPIs; Monthly Batch Processing.  Specify the quantity of features you require at checkout.

Whole-View uses Stripe, a leader in online Credit Card payment processing to manage your subscriptions. Within your stripe account setup the number and type of users you'd like to include in your organization. Each month Stripe will debit your credit-card/account for the amount you've selected.

More Consulting Options Advanced Whole-View features
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