Reach out to Whole-View at Support@GetTheWholeView.com to setup a single or multiple accounts by simply sending us your email address(s).

Reach out to Whole-View at Support@GetTheWholeView.com

Customer's that subscribe to Technical Support are entitled to One free report restoration per month per user, reach out to Whole-View at Support@GetTheWholeView.com.

Contact our support desk at support@getthewholeview.com to reset your password.  Your account will likely also be disabled upon too many login attempt failures.  The support team will unlock your account at the same time.

Check out our demo videos which are a great way to quickly familiarize yourself with Whole-View. The Whole-View User Experience demo will give you an overview on how to navigate, highlight key features, capabilities, show you the collaboration and story board. The Second Whole-View demo video Building Content will introduce you to how to create a view, reports and a dashboard.      

Furthermore, the best way to learn Whole-View is to learn Yellowfin. Yellowfin has a knowledge based Wiki that contains tutorials and has been designed to help guide you on all of Yellowfin's functionality.     

The first step in building content in your new Whole-View instance is to set up a database connection.  This is will be done by a Whole-View Administrator.  A connection is the method Whole-View uses to locate and read your data. Once a connection has been established users can move on to creating views and reports based on your data.  Please consult with your internal DBA to gather the following credential and connection info, and then reach out to us at Support@GetTheWholeView.com:

1.  First make sure Whole-View is permitted to access your Data Source. This will require your organization to grant Whole-View  access to the following CIDR 
2.  Connection Method: e.g. JDBC, ODBC
3.  Database Type: e.g. SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RedShift and many more.
4.  Host: e.g. IP Address
5.  Port:
6.  Database Name:
7.  Username
8:  Password

As part of your Whole-View setup we will provide you with a standard set of folders where you can save all of your Whole-View content such as Views, Reports, Dashboards, Discussion and Story Boards. If you have a need for additional folders within Whole-View then please reach out to support at at Support@GetTheWholeView.com and be sure to provide us with the root folder name and any sub folder names that you would like us to create.

First be sure to reach out to Support@GetTheWholeView.com to add a new data source. Then identify and inform Whole-View as part of your user setup someone within your organization whom will be assigned as the Whole-View Advance Report Writer.  Typically this Advance Report Writer is someone who understands the database structure and it’s going to be used for report writing.  A view contains logic used to join data source tables together and retrieve data for reports. Once a view has been defined users can move on to creating reports based on your data.  Another option is to reach out to Whole-View professional services team and we would gladly assist you with your view setup.

First be sure to have Whole-View add a new data source. Secondly make sure that your Advanced Report Writer has setup up your Whole-View Yellowfin view.  Lastly be sure to create reports and graphs off the view that are associated to a subject that pertains to the dashboard content that you would like to be displayed.   

Reduce the amount of non-summarized data returned in the Whole-View reports and graphs that are embedded in the dashboard.  Also reduce dashboard clutter by adding a single subject area per dashboard tab.  Determine the most optimal type of dashboard design by focusing on audience, layout, ease to understand and data quality. 

Any report you have set to public is visible only to members of your organization and to Whole-View/Sherwin Lake Group consultants and administrators responsible for your organization. No other Whole-View organizations or customers have access to your reports.  If you're report is saved as private only you can see that version of the report.

Your data primarily stays in the original data source that is referenced within your Whole-View Yellowfin views. When a report is created or viewed against your data Yellowfin software technology running on our Whole-View cloud servers may create cached copies of your data locally on the server and in memory. This cache is encrypted and can only be decrypted by Yellowfin. Access to this server is only permitted to a couple of Whole-View Administrators and not Yellowfin.
For standard Whole-View customers that only have named and email user subscriptions, Whole-View does not create copies of your data other than the caching implicitly handled by the software.

Advanced Whole-View customers using data warehouse hosting features can read about our hosting policies at the following link.  If your organization uses Advanced Whole-View features that includes database hosting then you're organization's data will reside in one of two database server clusters in the Whole-View cloud. These database environments are shared across Advanced Whole-View customers. Within the database, each customer organization receives their own dedicated database schema where tables created and three dedicated database accounts for managing and accessing their organization's database tables. These three database logons used for maintaining your organization's data only have permission to your organization's database schema and the tables that are created within your database schema.
Similarly other organization's database logons have access to their database schema but no permissions to other organization schemas. When Whole-View/SLG consultants work on developing your content they will access the database on your behalf using one of your three database logons. Whole-View/SLG consultants do not have access to database logons that can access more than one organization. Whole-View customers do not have direct access to shared Whole-View databases servers.

Customer logons to Whole-View databases are permitted with the private hosting option.

Whole-View will provide sample training templates based on a fictional business called Ski Team. The Ski Team database and sample Yellowfin content will be included as part of the Whole-View installation.

Reach out to Whole-View at Support@GetTheWholeView.com

Whole-View encourages multiple concurrent logons from our customers. However, each logon must be completed with a different user account. If you need concurrent access from multiple locations or devices, you can purchase additional logons from your site?

If you received the "Unable to login concurrent users from multiple hosts." error please reach out to Whole-View at Support@GetTheWholeView.com to reset your account. The best way to avoid this in the future is to make sure you explicitly logout of your browser before opening a new browser window, tab or second browser and attempting to login again.

You will need at least one user to publish reports for distribution, one member of your organization will need to login to Whole-View and create the content that you desire to broadcast. Logging on to Whole-View requires a named user account.

We're sorry to see you go but glad to here you're sticking with Yellowfin. Contact our support team at Support@GetTheWholeView.com and we'll gladly sell you an annual license of Yellowfin as well as provide you a copy of your organization's content that can be easily imported into your privately managed environment. Yellowfin can be licensed for 5+ named users or by the size of your server. Our team can help you as much as needed with the procurement and transition to your own private environment.

Whole-view's Yellowfin technology is a leading the industry with embedding analytics in applications. As such this is possible with standard Whole-View if you're prepared to have your application use our Whole-View users and passwords. An alternative is to stand-up your own private Whole-View environment and our custom Whole-View features like LDAP to get the exact experience you seek. Contact our support line and we'll direct you to the experts who can help you with your options.

The Whole-View customer support agreement is available at the following link whole-view agreement.  Within is specifications on Whole-View communications, support and maintenance windows.  This is the same license agreement as seen within the subscription process.

On Whole-View we strive to ensure that one user doesn't create a disruption to other users of the Whole-View system.  As such we like to be involved when a customer wishes to perform low-frequency or high-volume broadcasts.  Go ahead and build and prototype your report content and test our auto-refresh/broadcast capabilities on a daily basis.  If you're satisfied with the results and require this report to be run hourly or near real-time contact our support desk at support@getthewholeview.com.  If the support team evaluates your report in question to be efficient in it's use of minimal data, requires no report history and the refresh runs quickly we'll create the broadcast for you.  Other options exist with either a private whole-view environment or using advanced whole-view capabilities if you're broadcast does not meet our performance standards. Your Whole-View account manager can help with those as well.

When you create a grouped data definition in Yellowfin, the datatype of the grouping must be the same datatype as the field being grouped.  Specifically, Yellowfin will try to overlay your grouped values with non-grouped values in the same column.   If the grouped and ungrouped values are of different datatype, than a fatal SQL error. Here's an example.

Take a field called "Version Number" that is numeric and has values like 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3.  Supppose you want to group three of the values together and call it '7.1-7.3'.   In this scenario you'd be overlaying the value 7.0 (numeric) with '7.1-7.3' (varchar)  in the same column.  To avoid the SQL error you need to either cast/convert the original version number field as varchar or change your grouped data label to be numeric (like 7.3 or 7).

  1. Sherwin Lake Group will perform regular, routine maintenance upon Whole-View technologies on Saturdays between 9:00 PM CST and 7:00 AM CST without prior notice to customer.  Customers may use Whole-View during these maintenance hours with the understanding that they may be disconnected without notice and any new or changed content within that window maybe lost.
  2. Sherwin Lake Group will also perform unscheduled emergency maintenance on weekdays between 9:00 PM CST and 7:00 AM CST Sunday-Friday. SLG support will provide email notice when such outages are required requesting customers to save all work and logout of the system.
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